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By guest, Aug 18 2015 04:05PM

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Jan 25 2019 05:25PM by Bill Ehrhart

I have 40 years of experience in construction, From being a laborer to Project Management, I contacted several roofing companies in September of 1918. Robbie of Beaumont Roofing was the only person to actually come to my house and inspect the entire roof, not only from the ground but also a complete inspection by walking the roof. Robbie called the following day and delivered a detailed quote and answered every question I had.
Unfortunately over the years I had allowed areas of my fascia to deteriorate. Purely neglect on my part!
Do to the the effect of Harvey still lingering and the wet winter it took me four months to get the repairs done and the house painted.
During all these months Robbie returned every phone call I made to him as I attempted to keep him posted on my progress.
When I was finally ready for the roof to be installed, I called Robbie. His response was, let me make a couple phone calls and I will call you back. His message in the return call was "We will be there about 7:30 in the morning!
They were and the roof was covered in a very heavy frost/ice. The workers were positive and polite. They methodically started removing shingles until they had a safe place to work and before long the entire crew was on the roof removing the frost covered shingles. There was not a huge mess around my house. as much as possible was brought to the trailer to be hauled off. What debris did hit the ground, landed on a tarp that had been placed there and was all picked up at the end of the day. Not only was all debris removed but the entire area around the perimeter of my house was gone over with magnets, picking up any nails that may have hit the ground.
Beaumont Roofing has restored my faith that there are still quality, professional and polite contractors and workers in our area!


Bill Ehrhart

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